I have always loved my Armenian background. I love everything about being an Armenian girl. We are, from a young age, taught to be graceful, always look presentable, treat our elders with respect, be a good family girl, have a great education, be successful and be a wife who obeys, cooks, cleans and takes care of the children. Having a lovely relationship with God is also quite mandatory.

I absolutely love everything that’s expected of me and I always oblige. I absolutely love the idea of obeying the man in my life and will do so, however, my husband will have to be loyal to me and treat me ever so kindly. Then, I will be everything he’s dreamed of and more. I know some women have trouble with the word obey, this is why I’m elaborating a bit more here, but I believe if the man in your life treats you as you should be treated then he deserves your utmost respect. But if he doesn’t then all bets are off and you should be on your way out!

You see I’m definitely a feminist. But one who believes that men and women are worth the same but I do not believe we’re equal. Perhaps this sounds a bit naive to some but it is what I believe, and quite honestly who wants to be equal anyway, it just sounds like an awful lot of work and I’m quite lazy. We’ll discuss this more on a later day.

So I am definitely a proud Armenian woman, but many people that I’ve met throughout my life have always had trouble identifying my cultural background. I’ve been told I look exotic, sultry, and it’s quite difficult for other’s to come to a conclusion as to what my background really is.

Perhaps that’s because I have such a diverse background. My family comes from all over the world, really. I have Russian, Armenian, Lebanese, French, and Greek relatives, perhaps this is what makes me look so unique. Well, I decided I wanted to find out exactly who I was, such a dramatic statement, I know.

I really wanted to know so I got in touch with the people at and my journey began.

I got the test through the mail, and it was quite simple as all I really had to do was send them back a sample of my saliva.Well, I did so and a few weeks later I got my results. Now I will be pretty certain when asked about my cultural background and that makes me quite happy with myself.

Apparently, 21% of me is from Europe (Greece, Italy) and 79% of me is from West Asia (Caucasus, Middle East).Well, what a darling combination, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well lets see, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Amal Clooney are all from West Asia, what great company. They are the three women everyone is mostly obsessing over so needless to say I’m very pleased. And of course being Greek and Italian is quite fun as well. Although I did believe there was Greek in my bloodstream I never realized I had an Italian background as well. 

Well, loves this has certainly been a fun journey and if you really want to know where you com from I believe the Ancestry DNA test will help you immensely. Kisses love bugs.