perfumepostIt’s the first day of summer my loves and I wanted to share with all of you my favorite summer scents…With just a sprits you can be sweet, sexy, sultry, playful, and so much more.

1. My Burberry – Have you ever been caught in a garden, in London, after a summer rain? Well, this darling scent with a heart of rose and a touch of geranium leaf will take you there. It’s such a sweet scent and goes quite well on a lovely summer day!

2. Hanae Mori – Mrs. Mori is a Japanese fashion icon, with a touch of Parisian hot couture, quite the random combination. Perhaps that’s what makes Hanae Mori so unique. This creamy scent has just the right hint of ‘vanilla’ to make it warm and inviting.

3. Play Black – With a name like ‘Play Black’ how can one resist giving this fun and inviting scent a try. The lightly spiced scent has the ability to make you feel as though you can take on the world, or at least play in it.

4. Honey – This bright little scent might just bring out the ‘happy’ in you so if you’re a bit of a downer, do us all a favor and pick up some ‘Honey.’

5. Manifesto – If you’re feeling sultry a sprits of this will let everyone around you know just the type of mood your in. This scent makes me feel so feminine and delicate but with a bit of a sexy edge. Definitely a date night kind!

6. Modern Muse – If you’re not the daring type than you’ll want a scent that’s going to give you a bit of an edge. It’s one of those scents that transform and oh what a transformation it will be.

7. Colette – If you want to seduce without uttering a word this spicy and sultry scent is going to be your new favorite. I like to wear this scent when I’m headed out for the night after a long day of meetings and such. Just a little sprits and suddenly I forget my tiresome day and am transformed into a seductive night.

8. Liquid Cashmere – Just the name of this soft scent seduces me. If you’ve ever worn cashmere you know how utterly luxurious it feels and this scent will have you feeling like you’re wrapped in cashmere all day long.

9. Tory Burch – This scent might not be for the typical girl but it’s definitely for the girl with a little tomboy ways. Definitely a favorite when I’m feeling some type of way.

10. Marc Jacobs – This scent is described as both sensuous and uncomplicated’… I do feel super ‘uncomplicated’ when I wear this scent so perhaps there’s some truth to it ;)…

There’s so many wonderful scents out there for us girls to try and when I’m obsessed with a certain favorite I always go super big so it can somehow last. However, at times where I know I’m going to tire easily I go to Scentbird. If like me, sometimes you just don’t want to commit to a full bottle, Scentbird is a lovely alternative. You’ll get a generous supply of a different scent, you’ll have 350 to choose from, and be a different type of fun each month!