A spa day at home is such a nice treat when using Alexandria Professional products! One of my biggest complaints are aching feet, since I’m always on them, so I was super excited when I saw their Salt Spring Dead Sea Salt. I literally had it for 20 minutes before I was ready to use it, however, before I soaked my aching feet, and body, in a nice warm bath I had to apply my Mud Puddle. I love masks and this Hungarian mud did not disappoint as I easily spread it over my entire face and neck. With my mask in place it was time to run my bath, I don’t know about you but I like my water super hot and for that reason always run it just before I’m about to step in. I sprinkled my Salt Spring Dead Sea Salt and gently stepped in to the most relaxing bath I’ve ever experienced. It was heaven! I could already feel my sore muscles relax and the tension just disappeared. I stayed in there for as long as I could before the water got cold and had to get out of there.

I started the shower and washed away the Sea Salt and Mud Puddle, which revealed perfectly soft skin. This was also the perfect time to use my Lime Lemonade Buff Up lip exfoliant because my skin was soft making it easy to manipulate. After rubbing my lips gently my I washed of the excess exfoliant and my pout was perfect. After stepping out of the shower I applied my Pina Colada Balm Up lip balm and my spa day was complete as I was transformed, mentally obvi, to a warm sandy beach with my favorite rum drink in hand. It was a wonderful day at the spa, sans the spa!