Fall is super close and some of you are worried that you might not be your cheery little selves during the colder months. Don’t be gloomy dolls I have gathered some scents that are sure to brighten your moods while you stay smelling yummy.

1. Perry Ellis 360 Red – This sweet and soft scent can somehow magically transforms your mood and make you feel dainty and elegant. If personal experience is any indication, prepare for compliments galore.

2. Bombshell Eau de Parfum – Perhaps ‘Bombshell’ might be a bit over the top for this fresh scent but I’ll take it. Although, you will definitely feel like a lady after a couple of sprints of this.

3. Jean Patou Joy Forever – What’s in a name? Well, if you were to wear this floral scent out and about you would find out rather quickly. Bonus tip: Wear this if you have a stressful day ahead as it contains Jasmine, a scent that’s known to tame anxiety and stress.

4. Sublime by Jean Patou – If you want to brighten your day while staying strikingly feminine opt for this floral type. People have been known to describe this scent as the type that brings ‘joy’ to their life.

5. Jean Patou Heritage – Some people can find this scent a bit too orange-y but if you want to heal those nerves a little bit of citrus can really help. Any citrus smell is known to lessen anxiety and give a more positive outlook.

6. Guerlain L’Ame – A scent for those intoxicating and joyous moments in life, with a little added Ylang-Ylang…to calm and balance your body and mind. 

7. Bobbi Brow – This scent is going to put you in a super positive place while keeping you classy and feminine. This scent features rose petals and us girls know what roses can do for our moods!

8. Hemes Rouge – Sophistication in a bottle. There’s really nothing more powerful than an assertive and sensual women so be cautious as you spritz away…and prepare to be magically transformed.

9. Thierry Mugler ANGEL – When I was younger I was absolutely obsessed with ANGEL! I don’t know what it was about this perfume that would completely transform my mood but I loved it. It would always put me in a dreamlike state and I would be overwhelmed with innocence…

Okay, I’m back! Isn’t it intoxicating what a scent you love can do…it’s as though it transforms you back to those moments and you experience those emotions all over again.