As a mama to a little fur baby it’s very important to keep my floors clean, especially since, I strongly believe, Belle was a vacuum in a prior life. She will literally go around the whole house just smelling everything she finds on the floor. Typically, this habit is followed by things sticking to her nose, her eating whatever was stuck to her nose, then me running after her trying take whatever she’s eating out of her mouth. It’s honestly a routine in our home at this point! I really needed something that was super easy and could really get the dirt and dust from the floors before the naughty one wakes up.

The Pure Care Microfiber Mop has been exactly what I’ve been searching for. It’s super easy to maneuver because it’s so light weight and saves me time, due to its wide mop frame. I have about 20-minutes from the time I wake up to when Belle is up and ready to go and I need the mopping done fast, which is why something lightweight and fast is what I need. Also, if anything spills during the day it doesn’t take long to quickly clean the floors and make them sparkly and new. You can use it for dry and wet streak-free cleaning of most floors effectively and efficiently. It has a low profile frame which makes it super easy to fit under furniture and appliances. This is super important for us because Belle weighs about 2 pounds, which means she can easily fit under most furniture and appliances. In fact, when you try to catch Belle to kiss her, she’ll run under furniture to avoid the dreaded love we shower her with. I love my Microfiber Mop from Pure Care for making my floors look super clean and keeping my little one safe!