We all have our go to’s when it comes to our favorite way to relax after a long day and mine are these must haves from Angela Caglia.

I was so excited to come home to these after a long day of photo shoots I applied the Dream Exfoliant Mask on immediately and left it on for about 15-minutes (during a power nap), washed it away and was in love with my new bright glow and smaller pores. Then I wanted to give my eyes some much needed attention but first applied their Luxurious Face Oil, which is recommended before the Rosebud Eye Treatment I was about to give myself. My skin looked super dewy after and it was time for the eye treatment, which you’re told to apply with light pressure or glide under eyes. I did a little of both. The rose-quartz were actually cool to the touch and completely┬árejuvenated my eyes, it was pure bliss.

Sometimes we have to treat ourselves to the very best because of all the hard work we put into all aspects of our lives during the day. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is find ways to relax and feel pampered so we’re able to take on the next day. If you need the perfect products to help you achieve bliss these Angela Cagila products are a must have. One of my favorite things about the products are the anti-aging nutrients they’re loaded with. Your skin will look and feel replenished while fine lines and wrinkles slowly start to diminish. You’ll have that bright healthy glow we’re all after and your eyes will be ready to take on another day of life’s stressors. No matter what life throws at you the next day, your skin can take it!