Nothing completes and pulls together a look that is reflective of your own personal style better than a bag. A bag is more than a vessel in which to cart around one’s  daily necessities – lip colors, roller perfumes, hair ties, extra highlighter (because you never know how the lighting will be). A bag carries one’s THINGS. THINGS that allow us to feel little more comfortable during our daily activities and routines. 
Let’s face it- there are a LOT of bags out there. Top designers crank out new “It” bags every season, with price tags that make anyone a little faint of heart, knowing that next season there will be another to-die-for piece in a few months that is just absolutely necessary to obtain. The problem with this endless cycle is that we tend to forget to appreciate the piece we have and it gets stored away inside the duster bag, retired from the world to sit and just, well, look pretty. This means a lot of waste; wasted money, wasted energy in its acquisition, and worst of all wasted resources.
The bags we most covet are made from leather. Where does all of this leather come from, season after season? 
What if there were trendy, classic pieces that rang true to our personal style AND are cruelty-free? 
There are. 
What if I told you that no animals were hurt in the making of these cruelty-free handbags?
Introducing Designinverso – a brand whose aesthetic is just as appealing as their price tag. This brand has all of the coveted classic shapes that pull together a swanky look that demands attention. Here are 9 bags from Designinverso that will make you look as good as you’ll feel knowing you’ve shopped responsibly.
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