Keeping my home smelling fresh while being kind to animals is made possible by these Air Scense air fresheners. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan! These plant derived must haves are infused with essential oils and without any harmful phthalates. If you have pets and children in the home you shouldn’t be without them. They have Lavender, Lime, Vanilla and Orange to choose from so you’re covered wether you want to add a warm or citrusy feel to your home. One of the most appealing factors of Air Scense air freshener is they smell natural and authentic, not like you’re trying to hide odors.

Lavender, which is always my go to when given options, leaves a soft scent and isn’t overpowering at all.┬áThe burst of lavender after every spray makes it seem as though you’re growing them in your home. A simple spray or two completely transforms the room, especially for me since I often use lavender during meditation and this takes me to that peaceful place. I like to spray it on my sheets and pillows as well!

If you like the smell of fresh baked cookies you’re going to love the Vanilla scent. It smells natural and not artificial at all, which is important when you’re trying to get the warm and fuzzy feels. I am sensitive to overpowering scents and this spray definitely does what it’s meant to do without giving me a headache, which is what artificial scents often do.

The smell of Lime is very refreshing and is perfect for spraying around the house after you’re done cleaning. It makes your home smell amazing and removes the odors completely. It provides a nice light smell of citrus, if you like citrus but don’t like the overpowering aroma other air fresheners supply Air Scense Lime should be your go to!