Rihanna’s newest endeavor, Fenty Beauty, has beauty magazines, fans, and bloggers raving about the newest products. The singer gave herself quite a lot of work a couple of years ago when she started developing her makeup brand; and at the launch party in Brooklyn early fall 2017, she told the crowd that she had challenged herself and Kendo Brands with creating one of the most inclusive makeup selections to date.

The makeup brand is designed to feel lightweight and was created with the mission to include women of all shades. Typical beauty products usually offer 7 different skin shades for foundation; Fenty Beauty offers a whopping variety of 40 different shades to cover lightest the skin color to the darkest beauty.

Rihanna gets it.

She also gets millennial these days are much more likely to check how a brand treats the environment and the animals – at least more likely than our peers from previous generations. Fenty Beauty’s products are made 100% cruelty free. Meaning: no form of animal testing at any point in the creation of the brand’s products.

This means this inclusive brand had to forgo the enormous Chinese market to keep its products cruelty free; given that the country requires all brands sold in China to be tested on animals first. Way to go RiRi for choosing the safety of animals over profit. Although Fenty Beauty is not really a green beauty brand – meaning that not all of their products are vegan – they are paragon-free and phthalate-free. According to their site a few of the products contain beeswax and carmine (please read up on how carmine is derived if you’re interested in animal welfare). 

The products I use have to meet certain standards and any makeup that contains carmine is not on my list of must haves. The Fenty products in this post are all vegan so click below and shop away!

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