Make-up Tutorial: Perfect Eyebrows

Make-up Tutorial: Perfect Eyebrows

Just how important are perfect eyebrows?

More important than anything else you can do to your face..Seriously.

You don’t believe us then shave off your eyebrows and stand in front of a mirror..

The eyebrows add so much character to your face and they’re truly what shape your face.

I don’t want to brag but I have been blessed with great eyebrows (it’s one of the perks of being Armenian)..Who am I kidding, I totally wanted to brag.

The reason the eyebrows are so important is because they frame your eyes and your eyes make you look like, well you. So do you see why the eyebrows are so important?

Another really great thing eyebrows do is show emotion.

Oh eyebrows, how we love what you do to our face.

Check out the make-up tutorial my loves for more tips on the perfect brows..

Now go out there and twinkle you little star <3

Oh the Drama: Wedding Photos, Naked Pictures, and a Pregnant Star..

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married and have released their wedding day photo album exclusively to HELLO!

Oh the Drama: Wedding Photos, Naked Pictures, and a Pregnant Star..

Angelina wore a Atelier Versace gown, with a veil customized by their children: Maddox, 13, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, Vivienne and Knox, 6. The dress and veil were both designed by the brand’s master tailor Luigi Massi:

Luigi is like family to me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else making this dress. He knows and cares for the children and it was great fun putting it together.

The family is all love, according to Angelina:

It was important to us that the day was relaxed and full of laughter. It was such a special day to share with our children and a happy time for our family.

Angelina and Brad had a great weekend it seems but sadly the same can’t be said for Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande..

An anonymous hacker has leaked nude photos of some of our favorite hotties and according to our sources, the nude photos are all real..

Jennifer is not taking this lightly and will take legal action against anyone who releases any photos of her, one in which she’s topless on a couch, drinking wine in nothing but her lace underwear.

One of our favorite country stars is pregnant..

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are expecting their first baby together and we’re just so excited.

Carrie released this loving statement..

In honor of “Labor” Day, Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier.

With this adorable picture..

Oh the Drama: Wedding Photos, Naked Pictures, and a Pregnant Star..

So sweet <3

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Married..

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Married..

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are married and we couldn’t be less excited..

Angelina and Brad married on Saturday at Provence’s Chateau Miraval in France..The ceremony was attended by only close family and friends according to a statement from the family :

Angelina was walked down the aisle by her eldest sons Maddox and Pax. Zahara and Vivienne threw petals, gathered from the garden. Shiloh and Knox were the ring bearers.

In the days before coming to France, and as citizens of California, Brad and Angelina filled out their paperwork and obtained a marriage licence from a local judge, who also travelled to France to conduct the ceremony at Chateau Miraval. They are therefore married under Californian law.

Apparently, Jennifer Aniston is upset over the wedding, but it’s not because Brad and Angelina are married..According to a source Jennifer is upset that Brad and Angelina are stealing her spotlight:

Jen is upset that everyone is talking about Brad and Angelina’s wedding, especially after she did the whole Friends thing on Jimmy Kimmel.

Jennifer thought the adorable skit on Kimmel would lead to people being interested in her new movie and now it seems as though that’s not going to happen.

Kanye West’s Dad was a Paparazzo

Kanye West's Dad was a Paparazzo

Kanye West’s dad was a paparazzo according to Kanye..

Kanye was in a deposition in a civil lawsuit brought on by a celebrity photographer when he revealed the news..

And we laughed and laughed. J.K. We didn’t laugh. But maybe we did, a little.

That’s not all Kanye’s dad was, according to the rapper:

My father was a paparazzo himself. My father was a medical illustrator, a Black Panther, a Christian marriage counselor.

This is how we feel when Kanye talks..

Smile, nod, agree, and don’t make any sudden movements.

My mother was the first black chair of the English department in Chicago State. They didn’t raise me to be out here wrestling with random paparazzi in front of LAX.

Okay, so this one is quite impressive.

Kanye also claims he likes the paparazzi:

Sometimes I get in the car with the paparazzi. Paparazzi help me to park.

Well, that’s kind of nice.

What else does the paparazzi do for you Kanye?

The paparazzi watch my car and makes sure that cops don’t give me tickets. There are some nice guys out here trying to just feed their family. 

At first we’re all ‘This doesn’t sound like the Kaye we know..’

Then he added:

And then there’s a******* like the guy you’re representing.

And we’re all “There he is..”

The night of the alleged paparazzo attack Kanye claimed he had just heard his grandfather Portwood Williams Senior was on his death bed and he was in no mood for questions:

And this guy is asking me about dumb s***… So, you know, I’m sorry that I tried to grab his camera. But I obviously didn’t try to hurt him. I’m not here to hurt people.

This is a Kanye we really like..He’s being awfully likable.

The paparazzo in the alleged attack claims he suffered physical and emotional abuse.

Karrueche Tran Under Attack for Insulting Blue Ivy..

Karrueche Tran Under Attack for Insulting Blue Ivy..

Note to self..don’t insult a little toddler..But then again we already knew that since, ya kno, we’re not a moron.

Karrueche Tran had the nerve to insult baby Blue when she was hosting a segment called “Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought At The VMAs” on 106 & Park on Aug. 25..

Karr attempted to impersonate Blue and said:

I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair. 

We’re not impressed Karr..

Needless to say neither were Beyonce’s fans and they completely tore Karr down, so naturally, Karr took to her Twitter to apologize:

Now y’all know I LOVE me some Beyoncé and Blue Ivy! I didn’t write this script y’all lol. I am definitely team#BeyHive.

But Bey’s fans were still all..

After the backlash, Karr took to her Instagram to issue another apology:

Past two days have been extremely draining.. As I geared up for a big day for myself – hosting a live show.. I never expected things to turn out this way.. I apologize to any and everyone who felt offended in any way by the comments made by BET executed through me.. I would never disrespect anyone’s child in any way and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Beyoncé. My comments have been in complete shambles.. yes I am human too and yes I do make mistakes.. But all this negativity and death wishes are quite a lot.. Definitely a lesson learned from here forth.. Again, on behalf of MYSELF, my sincerest apologies ❤️ #BeyHive

We’re completely against anyone insulting a little babe, even if it is just for laughs (Psych major problems), because it could very well have an affect on the innocent angel..But we do agree with Karr, the death wishes are quite much.

Did Suge Knight Kill Tupac?

Did Suge Knight Kill Tupac?






Suge Knight killed Tupac, if you believe the guy who shot Suge at Chris Brown’s pre VMA party..

Suge was shot 6 times early Sunday morning by a gang member who believes Suge is responsible for Tupac’s death, according to a radar source:

The argument started outside and then moved inside.

Two gang members showed up and accused Suge of killing Tupac and called him a traitor. I think they were two guys from Compton. They yelled at Suge, ‘You killed Tupac!’

Suge told the gang members to “f**k off” and that’s when things began to escalate:

A gun was pulled out and there were about 10 to 12 shots fired.

I could hear bang, bang, bang over again loudly. Suge didn’t have a gun, but one of the gang members had a gun.

Apparently, Suge is at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the ICU:

He was shot six times. One that grazed him, two went through him and three were lodged in stomach. And they removed all three.

Suge was with Tupac on the night he was killed.

Oh the nonsense..

Did Suge Knight Kill Tupac?

Well, at least Chris was being a good boy and wasn’t involved in the shooting, Chris’s reps said in a statement to the Daily News Sunday night:

Chris hosted an event in Los Angeles last night to celebrate the upcoming release of his album ‘X,’ during which an incident occurred. This incident did not involve Chris; he was merely the host of the event.

Check out the Full List of Winners and Our Favorite Moments from the 2014 VMA’s

Check out the Full List of Winners and Our Favorite Moments from the 2014 VMA's

We have the full list of winners and our favorite moments from the 2014 VMA’s for all our darlings viewing pleasure..

We hope some of your favorites won..


BEST FEMALE VIDEO: Katy Perry feat. Juicy J, “Dark Horse”

BEST MALE VIDEO: Ed Sheeran, “Sing”

BEST POP VIDEO: Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea, “Problem”

BEST HIP HOP VIDEO: Drake feat. Majid Jordan, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

BEST ROCK VIDEO: Lorde, “Royals”


BEST COLLABORATION: Beyonce feat. Jay Z, “Drunk In Love”

BEST DIRECTION: DJ Snake & Lil Jon, “Turn Down For What” (director: DANIELS)

BEST CHOREOGRAPHY: Sia, “Chandelier” (choreographer: Ryan Heffington)

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: OK Go, “The Writing’s On The Wall”

BEST ART DIRECTION: Arcade Fire, “Reflektor”

BEST EDITING: Eminem, “Rap God”

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Beyonce, “Pretty Hurts”


ARTIST TO WATCH: Fifth Harmony, “Miss Movin’ On”

VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Miley Cyrus, “Wrecking Ball”

MTV CLUBLAND AWARD: Zedd feat. Hayley Williams, “Stay The Night”

Saved our favorite moment for last <3. Blue is beyond adorable and how sweet is Jay. Divorce rumors put to rest..for now.

Movie Review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Frank Miller the genius behind “Sin City” teams up with Robert Rodriguez to deliver the much anticipated sequel based on the book series! The movie is made in such a way to make it look like your reading a book/comic come to life! The film is actually a prequel and sequel in one and again features a series of comic-book-like black and white vignettes that show various parts of what very little plot this film attempts to portray. Mickey Rourke opens the film as the brawler “Marv” passed out on the street trying to figure out how he got there meanwhile badass stripper Nancy (Jessica Alba) plots revenge on Senator Roark (Powers Boothe) for leaving her for such a horrible life. Josh Brolin takes over as Det Dwight lured back into Ava’ (Eva Green) tangles and twists. The film overall is all over the place and doesn’t follow one single plot. It’s a solid film to just make you lose touch and escape reality for an 1 hour and 42 minutes. If you liked the first one, this one tries real hard to match it’s titillation! I enjoyed the first one personally and thought it was cool to see a personification of a comic! I gave this film a 3.5 out of 5. If you don’t pay attention, you will get very lost, very quick.

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Over?

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Over?Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are our least favorite Hollywood couple, because of the way they came to be, and it seems as though the two are over, if you believe the rumors.

According to the National ENQUIRER Brad is livid with Angelina after finding out she has a past with a felon who has been imprisoned for sex crimes.

Angelina and model, Dean Kelly, were getting to know one another but shortly after realized they just weren’t meant to be. Angelina moved on with her life as did Dean. Shortly after Dean pled guilty to sexual battery and felony. He was charged with raping two girls, ages 14 and 17, in 2005. There was also child pornography discovered in his home.

Apparently, there are pictures of Angelina and Dean together and Brad is quite unhappy about them:

Brad is humiliated. After he saw the photos of his fiancée with Dean, he stormed out of the house just to calm down. He’s embarrassed, upset and sounds ready to bail.

Brad Pitt’s psychic, Ron Bard, also claims he’s ready to leave Angeline and doesn’t really love the mother of his children.

Ron claims Brad is still in love with Jennifer Aniston and is only staying with Angelina for the children.

You can’t make this shit up people..

Update: Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Headed for Divorce?


Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Headed for Divorce?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon could be headed for divorce..

Everyone, everyone, come see me not give a fuck..

According to a Page Six insider the couple aren’t even living together:

He hasn’t been staying at their home. He’s been living out of hotels. They’re fighting a lot.

Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Headed for Divorce?

Apparently, Mariah believes Nick isn’t being faithful and has hired security guards to keep him away from other women:

The security guard wasn’t there to keep the girls away from him. It was to keep him away from the girls,” the source said, adding that Mariah also didn’t want him drinking because he “gets in trouble when he drinks.

This has to be the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard. Nick has the right to be around other women and it’s just completely crazy for Mariah to hire security to keep girls away from him.

Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Headed for Divorce?

Nick and Mariah getting together had to be the most random thing we’d ever heard so are we surprised they’re separating, of course not. However, we are completely heartbroken for their cute little angels, Monroe and Moroccan. We’d hope for the twins sake they would try to make it work.

The only love that will ever last is unconditional love..Even attempting a relationship with someone you don’t love unconditionally is worthless.

UPDATE alert..

Nick confirmed to The Insider’s guest co-host Chris Spencer that he and Mariah have not been doing well:

There’s trouble in paradise…we have been living in separate houses for a few months.

Nick says infidelity is not what caused the separation and his “main focus” are his kids..